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Melissa Trotman, CRNP

Owner and Nurse Practitioner

Melissa has been practicing as a Nurse Practitioner for more than twenty years. Prior to discovering Functional Medicine, she spent almost 20 years caring for patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital learning from some of the best and brightest healthcare providers in the world. Naturally, she turned to the best conventional medicine resources when she was faced with her own healthcare challenges. Unfortunately, she was not able to find answers about what was causing her health issues or how to heal through the conventional healthcare system. This led Melissa to Functional Medicine where she learned to look at health and medicine through a different lens. She is certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine and has completed training in Integrative Oncology and Mistletoe Therapy through the Physicians Association of Anthroposophic Medicine. Melissa’s practice has been influenced by education and mentorship by esteemed Integrative Cancer Care professionals including:  Dr. Peter Hinderberger, Dr. Mark Hancock, Dr. Steven Johnson, Dr. Nasha Winters and Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Melissa is always looking for opportunities to learn and provide even better care for her patients. She is currently undergoing training in the Metabolic Approach to Cancer with Dr. Nasha Winters of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health.
In her free time, Melissa enjoys practicing yoga, riding her Peloton, traveling to new places, outdoor activities with her family and enjoying boating and SUP on the Chesapeake Bay. Her family consists of 5 beautiful humans and her senior dog, Bella.


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Institute for Functional Medicine

Institute for Functional Medicine

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Physican’s Associate of Anthroposophic Medicine

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Believe Big

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

Society for Integrative Oncology

After my own discouraging healthcare experience, I set out in search of a better solution for holistic patient care.
Through Functional Medicine, I was able to take control of my life and rediscover vital health. Everything I learned allowed me to thrive through breast cancer treatment and fueled my interest in offering this kind of care to my patients.
I discovered a comprehensive and holistic approach to breast cancer and survivorship. One of the many things conventional medicine lacks is a recognition of the connection between nutrition, relationships, environment, lifestyle, and their impact on one’s health.

With focused patient education, strategic lifestyle changes, nutritional awareness, and medications when needed, we can promote healing and prevention and facilitate long-term health.

And that’s exactly what I do at Vital You.
Symptoms are invaluable signals that communicate something deeper is happening. There is more that lies beneath. Only treating symptoms never reverses disease.
When you address the cause of illness, you can achieve true healing. I experienced this in my own life, and I’d like to help you do the same.

Erin Higgins,
RN Lead Infusion Nurse

Erin is a Registered Nurse who attended St Joseph Hospital School of Nursing. She has a diverse nursing background with over thirty five years of experience that has Included: St Joseph Hospital Emergency Room, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Transport Nurse for Critical Cardiac patients, Johns Hopkins Pharmaquip providing Specialty Infusions to patients in their homes, Case Manager for Johns Hopkins Healthcare, and Nurse Coordinator for The Raphael Clinic of Maryland providing infusions to Oncology patients who have chosen an integrative approach to cancer.
Erin first became acquainted with Integrative Medicine when she and her husband turned to anintegrative approach for a second opinion with managing her husband’s cancer diagnosis. Since personally seeing the healing benefits of Integrative Medicine, she has become enthusiastic about supporting others on their journey to wellness.
Erin enjoys spending time with her husband, three sons and three dogs: going to sporting events, spending time outdoors and enjoying home life in Carroll County. She enjoys being outside soaking up the sun, working in her flower gardens, taking care of her chickens and growing fresh vegetables and fruit in her back yard. Erin’s favorite things to do are sitting on her back porch watching the sunset with her husband and spending time with her family.

Sunita Apter
Cancer Resilience and Nutrition Coach

Sunita is a board-certified health and wellness coach, who specializes in providing dedicated support to individuals affected by cancer. She collaborates with her clients, using a broad range of innovative tools and techniques to develop a healing mindset, improve mental and emotional well-being, and develop a vision and plan for the coming months.
With over 17 years of experience working closely with clients to enhance their health, Sunita brings a wealth of expertise. She holds certifications as a Kresser Institute Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery Practitioner. Sunita’s ongoing commitment is to research that will deepen her understanding of how various aspects of life influence health, particularly in the context of cancer. She has a keen interest in the Metabolic Approach to Cancer and has received training in Personalized Anti-Cancer Nutrition.
Sunita’s overarching goal is to empower clients to experience their best health, savor life, and reconnect with their inner strength and intuition.